Examples of pecking

Here you can see examples of pecking. They are already embroidered as cases of our work.

There are examples in all 3 phases of embroidery as seen on the program preview. Please ask for a photo-sample of the final result of your order.

bulldog-imagen bulldog-programa
bulldog-programa bulldog-bordado
music-deportes-imagen music-deportes-programa
music-deportes-programa music-deportes-bordado
collegiate-imagen collegiate-programa
collegiate-programa collegiate-bordado
culturas-imagen culturas-programa
culturas-programa culturas-bordado
camaron-loco-imagen camaron-loco-programa
camaron-loco-programa camaron-loco-bordado
buena-vista-imagen buena-vista-programa
buena-vista-programa buena-vista-bordado
virgen-refugio-imagen virgen-refugio-programa
virgen-refugio-programa virgen-refugio-bordado
Prueba 1 Prueba 2
Prueba 2 Prueba 3

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